Desmi / Rotan

Rotan / Desmi 

Heavy-Duty Internal Gear Pumps for Asphalt and Industrial and Chemical Applications.

Viscostiies up 250,000 cST and 500° F. 


Continental Ultra Pumps

Continental Pump

Progressing Cavity Pumps. Suitable for widening the variety of applications including many kinds of abrasives, high viscosities, and shear-sensitive products. Some pumps and parts are interchangeable with Moyno pumps. 


Progressing Cavity Pumps


Envirogear Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps designed as a direct replacement for Viking Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps


Envirogear V-Series Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps for handling Asphalt and Bitumen Products and a direct replacement for the Viking 34 Series 

Internal Gear Pumps for handling Asphalt and Bitumen Products